Thursday, July 11, 2013

Hand Engraving

Back in the late 80's I started taking jewelry making classes at the Technical College in downtown Minneapolis. I started with casting, because I had never learned that during my college experience the previous decade. Little did I know that it would ignite my interest in jewelry making.

A unique class that was only offered a couple of sessions was hand engraving. It was taught by Joe Manges, a self-taught perfectionist who worked on his craft and scaled the tool-making and cutting learning curve for 15 years. I took both of his classes and really liked the traditional rules and history. His advice to me about sliding off...."Just don't do it!" His voice is what sits on my right shoulder when I am working. It's strict and not very forgiving. In spite of his voice, I enjoy doing the work.

My knowledge about engraving is limited - limited by what I could learn from my engraving mentor, and time and guidance to push forward. There is so much I don't know and so much I need to learn that would add so much beauty and uniqueness to my pieces.

This September, I will be traveling to Emporia, Kansas, to take a week-long class in hand engraving. I'm really excited to dig in and learn aspects I have not attempted. I am ready to push forward!