Friday, July 31, 2009

Front End of that Learning Curve...

Several things have happened in my studio since the beginning of the summer.

First, I have noticed that I can get markedly better at the finishing of my pieces; details! I am developing a more critical eye for craftsmanship and can improve my work. This is an overall goal for all that I work on.

Second, I absolutely need accurate gravers to do fine hand engraving. I have an order in for these, and need to move forward with this.

Third, in order to complete new designs, I will be adding precious and semi precious stones. I will not try to learn this technique... I WILL learn this technique. I am determined. There is a definite learning curve for this, and practice is key.

So, off to the studio to get my projects in order and plenty of practice pieces lined up!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Cutting into wax is like cutting into butter... so easy and satisfying. The cuts in wax can be deep and angled easily. Cutting into metal takes a lot of pressure and does not go as deep.

Direct cuts into metal or cast wax pieces provide reflective edges; the hand engraved cuts into metal are more exact and provide very shiny edges.

The Ingot Pendants remind me of less polished and exact pieces - like old Roman jewelry. They are smooth and substantive. The best thing about these pendants is that they can hold any image!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


This is an interesting moment in the creative process! Getting ready for a sale; pulling a body of work together to get feedback and to sell, involves a lot of pulling together of loose ends and polishing final details. It is an important moment and one which will help guide my next stretch of time in the studio.

The Botanical Artworld is, and will continue to be, my focus. The design opportunities inspired by nature are exciting and endless and have my full attention!

After the Hopkins Arts Festival, look for changes in my website. I am inspired to focus on my work that I love to make and explore new ways to represent nature. Look for new designs and improved existing pieces!

I hope to see you this weekend!