Friday, February 19, 2010

Finding the Right Home

The desire to attract interest and target creativity to potential buyers is always present, but the desire and motivation to be artistic and true to the creative process, for me, is what it's about.

I think we start our artistic path at point A, but never get to Z. The path is not straight, and it has many branches - some of which end, and others continue to branch out from the main stem. Whether a branch ends or not is determined by many factors - some of which are boredom
, 'this does not work', and 'what do I do with this now??' If economics were not a factor, branches would be longer and there would be many more blossoms!

I am in the process of figuring out where my 'themed' pendants belong. They are more expensive than other pieces because of their complexity and the addition of 14k gold. Would I make them without the gold? The gold color and frame for the flush set gemstone are integral to these pieces. Would I leave off the hand engraved surface texture? No.

So there they are. They are looking for a home (foster home?) waiting for a permanent home. Presently they are in two different locations - a gallery and a jewelry store... hoping that one of these venues is appropriate. I do not want this branch to end!