Saturday, June 27, 2009

Botanical Disk Slide Pendants

Two more weeks until show time, and I'm winding down production of pieces. Today I took inventory, and will have a nice variety of things I think. After the festival I will continue to explore more chain ideas and variations on the Botanical Disks - Pendants and Earrings. The acid etching absolutely lends itself to botanical themes, and I love that process. I have started adding hand engraving to the backs for fun. I have worked at sharpening my gravers correctly, and when they are done correctly, I could cut all day. So satisfying!

We are enjoying the strawberry patch behind the studio. Good thing the plants seem to love creeping charlie - both are thriving!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Counting down the Days...

Summer has just begun, and things are busy at the studio. Beth and I will be in the Hopkins Arts Festival on July 11 and 12, and we are readying not only our jewelry pieces, but everything that is involved with selling out of a tent... including the tent; signage, credit card machines, displays, etc., etc. This will be my first outdoor sale in years, and I am pumped!

Along with my 'chain' commitment, I am working with botanical pieces made from PMC pressed into molds. Each piece has a bale secured into the back. They are textural, detailed, and lovely. While I am used to working with sterling silver, fine silver has a density and sheen that is beautiful. I pressed 12 molds, but will finalize about 4 designs for the festival. As I finish them, I will get them up on my website.

I will have two examples of commemorative jewelry on display at the festival... one for Millie and one for Max, our family pets. I am hoping that people will at least find them interesting! I'm just wondering where I will find extra fur on Max that won't leave a short spot.

I am also continuing to acid etch pendants and earrings. Right now these are my favorite pieces. They are substantial and deeply cut. Some larger pendant disks that I am working on this week will have a backside that will be hand engraved with botanical designs and symbols. They will certainly be unique pieces!

I will blog again before the sale. Time to get working!