Saturday, March 7, 2009

Traveling Jewelry

In the mid-80's, I decided I wanted to learn how to cast silver, because that was one class I had not had.  From there, I continued taking classes, and fell in love with the processes of casting and fabrication.

Larry (bless his heart) gave up his woodworking shop in the basement so that I could work at home.  When my Dad visited once he noticed that I took Larry's grinder. He replaced his with a new one!  I didn't know about this until years later.

I'm not sure if my Mom was interested in keeping me going with the jewelry-making or had a real need, but she asked me to make her some "traveling jewelry"... jewelry that was not valuable, was big enough to make a statement, and would catch the light and sparkle.  That was really the beginning of my creative process developing new designs and ideas in jewelry. Here is a picture of my first pieces that I made for Mom; wide band rings - each original and carved from wax, then cast. She never did lose any pieces, and enjoyed them for a number of years.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

On a Roll...

New chain link bracelet - "Twigs Deco".  This is my second rendition of Twigs... perhaps a little more comfortable, and of substantial weight like Twigs.

I guess that making chains is addicting.  I'm already halfway done making another take-off on this design; a neck chain.  It is made with smaller gauge sterling wire, and half the thickness.   Maybe one more "Twigs" design after that... then something different.

I love the sturdiness of soldered links, with 16 gauge sterling wire!