Saturday, March 30, 2013

Nature's Perfection

Going back here to around the mid-60's... so many great memories of going around town with my parents. My Dad's love of rocks and polished stones took us to many places and on trips dedicated to picking rocks.
Dave's Rock Shop in Evanston Illinois, neighboring my home town of Wilmette, was a frequent stop for us. My dad had mom pick out 'as close to matching' polished stones for him to make into earrings, by gluing on backs. Bill, my brother, and I wandered around fascinated by fossils and cool stones. The selection was endless, and displayed for touching. In later years, a basement museum of artifacts was added. What a great place to take kids!

When designing jewelry with stone, my aim is to 'honor the stone'; design is totally driven by what I love most about the stone. These pieces have been my favorites to date.

Here's a gem that I'd like to go back to sometime soon! Dave's Down to Earth Rock Shop.

Sunday, March 3, 2013


This was my Mom's neck piece. It's noisy, it's tribal, it's raw. I'm not sure where she found it, but she thoroughly enjoyed wearing it  - especially around my girls when they were tiny. I know she delighted in the impact of this piece, and I loved seeing her wear it. She would so easily drape it over my toddlers as they ran around the house, and I loved seeing it being shared and enjoyed.

I've been thinking about this piece lately. I am getting reacquainted with it and love it all over again. It has a great feel - hefty and substantive. The components are simple, but blend and mesh in a really great way. The pieces are strung on 'whatever was available at the time' - an old piece of fabric... and yet it endures.

This piece is an inspiration to me. As my Mom inspired me, she continues to inspire me. Remembering how she was with her many precious jewels and how she appreciated the most basic, is where it's at for me. Rich.