Monday, February 11, 2013


The art that I make at this point in my life makes sense to me. Knowing the reasons for 'making' and why I make what I do has brought clarity to my designs. Having this clarity about design brings about clean and simple things that work...getting rid of the chaff. I am seeing and finding the wheat in my process. Finally.

I am not painterly with my work - my jewelry nor my painting. I thrive (yes, thrive) on formulaic structures and patterns. Knowing what comes next helps drive my processes of getting there, and I want to get there efficiently and cleanly. This is not to say that I don't want to get my hands dirty... I love the mess and smells and serendipitous twists and turns. I find comfort in walking into a space that smells like 'wax-clean', liver of sulfer, torched surfaces and shellac; toxic smells that center me... make me feel at home. After all these years, it's jewelry that continues to turn me on. My drawing and painting is always there ready and waiting patiently for my attention. My mainstay in the storm.

It is not surprising that I seek some chaos in my creative life. Studying and performing improvisational comedy has provided my brain a source of having no clue about what will happen next! Working collaboratively with NO control continues to be challenging and exciting. I appreciate this new avenue very it simultaneously moves my creativity forward and scares the hell out of me.