Saturday, August 6, 2011

Full Circles...even though I'm all about the square.

Now that I'm writing my three pages every morning (well, almost every morning), ideas are springing all over the place. Ideas about life stuff, about jewelry, about drawing...nature, family, dog. Ideas keep coming. My excuse for not writing some mornings is that I already have too many ideas and not enough time to act on them. However since they are written down, there is no harm in storing them up - like nuts for the winter.

Today I thought about full circles. Full circles are the amazing tying up of strands - strands that end up where they began. In terms of people/relationships/life continuum, I thought of so many instances. Lessons learned for all of us moving through our lives. There are reasons why we have the mothers we do, why we meet the friends we do, and these reasons end up being tied up at the end. Perhaps at the end of life, if not sooner.

Silver, leaves, botanicals. When I was in grade school, I used to draw special, shaded flowers with stems and leaves on peoples arms and backs of hands. If you asked me and if there was time, I would plant one on you. I called them "metallic flowers" because of the dramatic dark-to-light shading. I had a grasp of composing and shading. If you asked me now, I'd plant one on you!

I'm working with metal now, designing botanical and other jewelry compositions. And even though circles are complete and amazing, I'm sticking with the square.

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