Monday, August 15, 2011

Dock Sitting

I am fortunate to have many quiet places to listen to my inner voice and process ideas and information. Summer offers nature as a help with this, and the dock on Slim is truly the best for me.

As I read or write or just sit quietly, my Dad is often sitting right there with me. He has been a guiding force over the years - during his life and afterward. He was a perfectionist, a task master, a lover of detail and realism in art, and a caretaker of antiques and artifacts. He loved the artist as technician and master of technique and skill. He was a fan of things that were right and fair. His generosity was contagious.

Many good memories with my Dad bubble up... standing with him at his work bench, having me form a ring out of a quarter as a break from his work, watching him re-lead an old stained glass window, carve a piece of wood to fit into the broken corner of an old frame...many quiet times with him. I appreciate those times.

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